Our Plan

01       The First Step

The first step is to raise the money to have the co-ops purchase the coffee, and pay the farmers for their coffee, as if the farmers were to export the coffee themselves. this price will be above the price of coffee established by the New York Stock Exchange. Farmers have never been paid a price like this before.

02        The Second Step

The second step is to increase the production levels with modern agricultural bio-organic technology, includes utilizing hydroponic methods and technology, in addition to re-enforcing the traditional methods. 

03       The Third Step

To create a new market for Cafe Pluma, from the producer to the consumer utilizing the internet for direct sales to the consumers.  In addition we will systematically expand the marketing of Cafe Pluma internationally, to include selling coffee by the cup.

04       Our Objective

The objective today is to initiate part one of the plan.  Our strategy is to raise funds for our organizations to purchase the crops, and to keep the coffee in our possession until it is delivered to the client, or consumer;   thus we will realize the entire revenue stream created by the sale of Café Pluma.  By taking over the entire chain from production, processing and marketing, our farmers will start seeing income equivalent to any other skilled professional.